☀️ It’s all sun and games until someone gets burnt!

In 2019 I was contacted to do makeup for the creator of this brand but unfortunately, I couldn’t do it <ugh, sigh> I was excited for the collabo and getting my own stash of product too. Nonetheless, I bought my own.

Black Girl Sunscreen

It’s smooth, blends in easy and leaves no white cast on the skin. Also has natural ingredients and is paraben free.

Their story… “begins with the need for melanin women to have a sunscreen brand that caters exclusively to them.

From carrying expensive umbrellas to the beach and downright neglecting to go outside all together, our founder thought it was time to create a natural non-white residue sunscreen brand for women of color. 

2016 was the year Black Girl Sunscreen was created in the ever-popular city of Miami, Florida. Beach days are always necessary but blotchy makeup and white residue are two things we were frustrated with when enjoying a sunny day. 

In fact, all outside activities began to come to a halt since we knew how much sun rays would damage the skin. (even ours)”

At $15.99 I give this an A+ and it’s #lapproved

Anyone can use this product, not just the melinated ladies but all races, ethnicities, and genders.

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